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Looking for a stress-busting, fun, vocal workout?

A non-auditioning, all-embracing set of choirs singing MOZART TO ABBA, GOSPEL TO SWING, MUSICALS and NEW contemporary works.

Come and Sing with us!

Check out MJ’s Choirs In Brighton, Balham, Notting Hill and Hastings led by the dynamic American composer and entertainer, MJ.

Just show up and sing!

Email info@mjschoirs.com for more information on how to join.
Check out what the choir is up to over the coming months on the Events page – do come along and join in the fun!

Who is MJ?

MJ Paranzino is the real thing – a rare talent, a musical tour de force! With a glorious voice and a huge and powerful range, MJ is an intoxicating performer and professional vocal coach, session musician, a successful composer/songwriter and an inspired musical director. MJ runs four Community Choirs in Brighton, South London, West London and Hastings.